Ready, Bright



*Please note this price is a license for unlimited vocalists. Multiple copies do not need to be purchased for each vocalist*

Ready, Bright is the fourth piece in the “Anthems Of A Crowd” choral collection. “Anthems Of A Crowd” is a collection of choral works that integrates the aesthetics of different vocal traditions found around the world into single pieces. In Ready, Bright, the listener will hear elements of call and response (found in many cultures, including West Africa) between soloist and choir, as well as between sections of the choir. The piece also includes polyrhythmic layering of 3 against 2 found in traditional Ewe music from the Volta region of Ghana. Sections of Ready, Bright often start with a single repeated phrase. As the phrase cycles, additional phrases are added, and the phrases intertwine, with new meanings and rhythmic

patterns emerging. Stylistically, Ready, Bright layers jazz, gospel, and pop vocal traditions with vocal approaches commonly found in Western classical music. Ready, Bright also incorporates body percussion, inspired by the call and response and repeated tension (silence) and release (collective sound) found in black work songs.