Prisms, Cycles, Leaps Part II (version for flutes, percussion, and strings)


Prisms, Cycles, Leaps Part II: From Here A Path

From Here A Path draws inspiration from Husago (a piece that includes drumming, dancing, and singing) from the Ewe people of Ghana, kaval flute playing from Eastern Europe, and elements of Hindustani classical music. The piece shifts its emphasis from 6/4 to 12/8 and 4/2 and also uses different combinations of 5/8 and 7/8. The tihai (a thrice-repeated rhythmic phrase in an overlapping meter that is used to end a section or conclude a piece in Hindustani classical music) is also included multiple times in the piece. The title From Here A Path references the momentum and resistance one gathers to reach a point.


Flute/Piccolo I, II

Violin I 6-10
Violin II 6-9
Viola 5-7
Cello 4-6

5 String Electric Bass Harp


4 Percussionists
Percussion 1 – Goblet Drum
Percussion 2 – Marimba/Vibraphone/Cabasa
Percussion 3 – Cabasa/Cymbal/Cajon
Percussion 4 – Cajon/Clapping Blocks/Hi-Hat/Cymbal